LifeLine aims to cultivate and grow emotional health in individuals and communities; by preventing and healing emotional trauma and crisis through counselling, training and capacity building, and engaging and mobilising communities.

Being brave can be lonely!

Lifeline Counsellors have all taken a pledge of confidentiality. Our counsellors are highly trained and skilled. We are here to listen, providing support through all of life’s transitions. We offer the first step towards healing.


Lifeline offers confidential and anonymous counselling. We are here to listen in a safe space. Please call to speak to a counsellor.

Cape Town021 461 1111
WhatsApp*063 709 2620

*Calls only

Phones lines are open between 09h30 to 22h00 365 days of the year.

The cost of the call is the ONLY charge.


Should you prefer to see a counsellor, please call:

Cape Town021 461 1113
Khayelitsha021 361 9197

Face to face counselling is available during office hours by appointment. We offer up to four sessions with the same counsellor.

Our services are free of charge.