HIV Counselling & Testing (HAST)

Our LifeLine counsellors are an indispensable part of the HIV and AIDS Programme (HAST) in the Western Cape. They follow the 4 steps of the “Advise, Consent, Test and Support” model to ensure that you are supported as best as possible during the testing process.

A : Advise all clients to have an HIV test      C : Explain consent and confidentiality      T : Explain testing procedure      S : Support to the client once the results are given

The primary objectives of the HAST programme are to:

  • Provide psychological support, care and counselling for people living with HIV and AIDS
  • Empower and support people living with HIV and AIDS to live positive, healthy and productive lives
  • Promote, encourage and support voluntary testing (VCT)
  • Promote and support compliance and adherence to anti-retroviral treatment and programmes; and
  • Reduce the chances of transmission of HIV from mother-to-child.


Please contact our office in Khayelitsha on 021 361 9197 to find out more about this programme and how we can assist you.