For those who wish to continue to learn and to become LifeLine Counsellors, the Personal Growth course is the prerequisite for admission to the Counselling Skills course.  This is because we believe that no-one should attempt to counsel another without having acknowledged and dealt with their own issues first.  In this way it is easier to remain objective and not get caught in the others’ problems.

The Counselling Skills course is also nine weeks in duration.  It is based on the approach of Carl Rogers, who believed that each person has their own answers and that the role of the counsellor is to empower the client to find those answers.  The counselling is non-directive and based on an unconditional positive regard for the other.

Each week a new skill is added to the counsellors repertoire and there is regular on-going practice of each skill as it is learned.  At the end of the course, those wishing to become counsellors will be asked to attend a selection interview.

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