LifeLine training is not restricted to in-house courses.  Over the decades we have offered training to the corporate sector, to government, parastatals and other NGOs.   While business sometimes finds it difficult to recognise that the so-called ‘soft skills’ are often both the most difficult to learn and the most valuable to have, those many companies that have used our services have always acknowledged the positive difference LifeLine training has brought to their organisations.

We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to corporate training and our courses and workshops are specifically designed to meet the needs of the client.  We offer courses or workshops in Communication, Facilitation, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Stress and Time Management, Team Building, as well as Leadership & Management.

Our services include Trauma debriefing, Conflict mediation, and Employee support.

Anytime there are relationship difficulties within the workplace, LifeLine offers constructive and effective support.

For more information please contact our offices on;

Cape Town        021 461 1113

Email address    training@lifelinewc.org.za