The Personal Growth course offered by LifeLine has, for fifty years, helped thousands of people become more comfortable with who they are, more aware of both self and others.  It is designed for participants to explore aspects of their lives, their personality, behaviour, attitudes and beliefs in a safe and caring environment.  In doing so, they are able to make conscious choices for how they wish to be in the world, and how to achieve a greater sense of happiness and contentment.

It is guaranteed to improve communication with others and through that, to enhance relationships of all kinds.  Those who have completed the course will affirm that it is a life-changing experience.  They will also explain how the course increased their self-confidence, their ability to relate to others more comfortably and improved their ability to communicate effectively.

Over the nine weeks of the course, participants are encouraged to explore in greater depth than ever before why they function the way they do, and how to change what is not working for them.  Ease with self leads to ease with others.  Come and find your heart, mind and soul as they really are.  This is a journey of exploration that you don’t want to miss.  And it’s fun!

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