Personal Growth Course

The way in which we function in everyday life is, to a large extent, dependent on the quality of our relationships; be they family, social, business or community. The relationship that we have with ourselves creates the depth and quality of our interaction with others. Learning to accept, care for and develop that which lies within us results in continually improving our communication with others.

Enabling this process of self-awareness and learning, in order to empower our human potential, is the goal of our Personal Growth course.

This course runs over a period of 9 weeks, each consisting of one three-hour session, and is the first step our volunteers need to take on their journey to becoming a LifeLine counsellor.

We welcome people from all walks of life to attend this course, no matter whether you are planning to become a LifeLine counsellor or not.

Fore more detailed information, please read our course brochure here.

You can download your course application form here.